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The Lost Frontier Handbook: Your Ultimate Guide to Self-Reliance

Life is unpredictable. We face unexpected events, crises, and emergencies, including financial crises and natural disasters. These challenges require preparedness, resilience, and determination. But what if we told you there’s a guide that can help you navigate these uncertainties? Introducing The Lost Frontier Handbook by Suzanne Sherman, a treasure trove of ancestral wisdom and survival skills.

What is The Lost Frontier Handbook?

The Lost Frontier Handbook is a comprehensive guide that unlocks lost ancestral skills and knowledge for dealing with crises. It’s like a time machine that takes you back to the times when our ancestors thrived despite the odds. This handbook is filled with life-saving techniques and tricks that have stood the test of time.

The handbook teaches you how to prepare for various survival scenarios and equip yourself with essential items during a crisis. It covers a wide range of topics, from food preservation and medicinal remedies to practical tips on thriving through a depression. Each lesson is complemented with high-resolution images, detailed diagrams, and step-by-step instructions. You can access the handbook digitally or get a physical copy delivered to your doorstep.

What Can You Learn from The Lost Frontier Handbook?

Powerful Remedies Lost in History

The Lost Frontier Handbook teaches you how to make powerful disinfectants and highly effective painkillers at home. You’ll learn how to treat fresh wounds, burns, and soothe a sore throat using simple home-based remedies. You’ll also discover how to make frontier penicillin, a proven infection preventer, using everyday products.

Creating a Food Stockpile that Doesn’t Spoil

The handbook guides you on how to preserve food without electricity or chemical preservatives. You’ll learn how to preserve meat for months through smoking, curing, salting, and dehydrating. It also teaches you how to plant and raise a sustainable garden, refrigerate food without electricity, and hunt and prepare wild meat.

Thriving Through a Depression

The Lost Frontier Handbook showcases how people managed to survive during times of crisis. You’ll learn how to save money on food, discover edible wild foods, make your own soft drinks, raise chickens for eggs and meat, and recycle household junk into valuable items.

Exclusive Superfoods Needed for Survival

The handbook reveals nutritional recipes ideal during a hunger crisis. You’ll learn about the 100-year survival ration used by native Americans, arctic explorers, and fur trappers during their long trips. It also introduces you to a type of biscuit that never spoils and the Viking comfort food that prevented malnutrition without spoilage.

75 Valuable Items That Are Incomparable to Gold During Crisis

The creator of the program reveals objects that may seem worthless but are very crucial during a crisis. These include a landline phone, copper coins, a can opener, and an old EMP-resistant truck, among others. You’ll also learn how to use these objects during a crisis.

Tapping Water Off the Grid

The handbook teaches you how to make a water filter using readily available materials. This technique not only helps cut down on water utility bills but also promotes a self-reliant lifestyle.

Top Secret on How to Find Land in the US

The guide enlightens you on the right geographical locations with proximity to cities and other essential amenities. It claims that 1/5th of an acre can be ideal for providing your loved ones with what they need using necessary tricks.

Pricing and Bonuses

The Lost Frontier Handbook is available in both print and digital formats. The physical copy is available at $37, while the digital copy is also priced at $37. You can also get both the digital product and the physical copy at the best value of $37 + $8.99 for shipping

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